The love, the scent, the beauty, but mostly the meaning of 'Natures Home, I literally crafted this with blood, sweat & happy tears. My hardest bundle to make, to date, but so rewarding with the gentle~nurturing~scent in return.


Many moons ago, I travelled throughout Europe, backpacking my way around. When I arrived at Sydney airport over a year later, I was instantly struck with the aroma of Eucalyptus, it made me miss home & love it all the more. This smudge bundle takes me straight back there; hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


This sustainable, local, wildcrafted smudge stick contains; Eucalyptus spp., Lemon Scented Gum, Pine Needles & Wild Flowers of two species of Wattle, wrapped in Jute Twine a natural-non-toxic material.


Why choose these herbs;

  • Eucalyptus spp., the leaves used to make this smudge stick were handpicked in Rumbalara Reserve country. Burn this smudge stick to acknowledge your ancestors, pay respect to the land & to ward off bad spirits & energies.
  • Lemon Scented Gum, for the divine lemon fragrance & the activation of cleansing, clearing when setting our intention. Great for cleaning the air of virus & bacteria.
  • Wild Flowers, I used wattle, that is what was abundant at the time of collecting. We have around a 1000 species here in Australia, it is colorful, adds vibrancy & another Australian scent to the bundle.
  • Pine Needles, to help create a tight burning bundle & to carry the scents of the Eucalyptus, Gum & Wattle. Adding another layer of scent.


Fun Info: Similar to white sage, indigenous healers in Australia are said to use Eucalyptus as part of spiritual practices for smudging, clearing residual or stagnant energy, as well as for healing & protection. There’s definitely something soothing about its warming presence, its cleansing vibration & it is a welcome ally to keep colds & flu at bay.


In Australia, many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities collect & smolder native Australian plants to clear away unwanted energies & make way for positive, new energies. Some of the plants used in my bundles are renowned for their antimicrobial properties, found to release its healing properties through the process of smoking.


Always carry out safety, carry something under the lit smoking end, to catch falling embers. Also useful when the ritual has been carried out to put the embers out (sand or water is ideal), then its ready for next time.


This listing is for 1 x smudge bundle, which is approx. 50cm long & tied off in sections to make ease for burning. EnJOY.

Home SmudgeStick

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