I have 2 pencil cases left;


1 coloured animal zipper case.

1 beige wrap case, could also be used to store travel cutlery set.


Handwoven and Sewn by the 'Women's Skills Development Organisation (WSDO) in Pokhara, Nepal. For more than 35years the womens skills development has trained and employed otherwise impoverished & marginalised Nepalese women. These skilled women HAND-MAKE a wide variety of products. Creating a simple way of empowering the women of Nepal by purchasing one of their products, you increase their quality of life, not through charity but by giving them a career, self confidence and independence.


All FAIR trade, AZO free dyes (bright coloured ones), natural dyes (lighter varieties), hand-stitched, handwoven, hand-dyed, wash really well and I have personally seen this Organisation in 2014. Very strong and very durable, excellent quaility. 

Pencil Case WSDO Nepal