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"Preventative Health-Care,
is the future of Medicine"
Kerry Caudwell

Kerry Caudwell Herbalist Nutritionist Practitioner Central Coast NSW

Meet Kerry founder of Natures Connection


 A Bachelor Qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist, HealthCare Coach, Workshop & Yoga Facilitator!

Good nutrition is the foundation of good-health.

The power of food/herbs as medicine is profound, from the moment I discovered this I have been even more passionate of the 'power and 'capability of our body's innate healing ability.

I am ROOT cause focused, there is always an underlying cause for an outward symptom. A symptom is just the gateway into whats going on inside the body. A holistic health and wellness practitioner that believes we are body, mind, emotion & spirit. I treat the individual accordingly, looking at the whole person not just the dis-ease.

To a healthier version of YOU, for a longer, more vital and harmonious life!

​         My motto is EAT.LIVE.LOVE.MOVE. As Nature Intended.

I acknowledge the First Nations peoples and their ongoing commitment in practising the world’s oldest living culture. I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters on which I live, work, and pay my respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

I honour and thank all my teachers and their ancestors for sharing their wisdom of the traditional teachings of herbal & plant wisdom, yoga and the ancient practices and folklore.

It is with the utmost respect, love and gratitude that I then share with you. 

I took an oath when I stepped into this line of work, first do no-harm,
second, care for the WHOLE person,

And that is my priority!
Yours in GoodHealth and in professionalism


Kerry Caudwell

Natures Connection Kerry Herbalist
Herbalist Nutritionist Central Coast NSW natures connection
Herbalist, Nutritionist, Central Coast NSW, Natures Connection

Articles, Recipes & Tips

I will update with a new blog including recipes or article's on a specific health concern and/or a hot topic that has sparked my interest. Prevention is definitely the key to living a healthy-balanced-full-life and I will share ways in which help you to achieve this.


Whether I am sharing a condition, treatment, herb, supplement, recipe or food it will be a way for you to enhance your lifestyle, prevent illness and get the most out of your body!! And 'thrive


Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me over the past few months (clinic package). I've been feeling very much myself the last 2 weeks. Found strength I haven't felt in a long time. Still going to remember what I have learnt through this process and approach life in a more sustainable way.

Cannot thank you enough ~ Melanie Tester  

Kerry is a kind gentle person who is a great listener and customised each treatment for me. Kerry provided much needed support during prenatal, my pregnancy and postpartum period. The herbs and advice she recommended has helped me tremendously! Thank you Kerry for your support! - Selenda Gomez

Kerry has been a god send to Alice Springs. Many community members who live by naturopathic medicine and an holistic approach to health and wellbeing couldn’t wait for her to arrive and get out of quarantine and commence her practice. She has exceeded my expectations and has more than demonstrated her knowledge and experience in her profession. She has the most engaging of personalities ( which is important in that client / practitioner relationship) and is a credit to her profession. I hope she stays and doesn’t leave any time soon. She is much needed in our community ~ Kevin Orrell

Kerry is such a knowledgeable, passionate and nurturing person. Her genuine care for her clients is evident in all of her interactions. She’s thorough in her consults and is happy to explain things in different ways or repeat information so that you feel comfortable and understand everything clearly. She has helped to educate me on fertility and pre-conception, and has been available to ask questions via text message when I need something urgent. I feel confident knowing I have a practitioner who is so experienced and readily available to help support me through my pregnancy. I have recommended her to friends knowing she will provide the same quality advice and care to them. Thanks for all that you do, Kerry! ~ Anonymous  

I’ve had satisfying healing techniques with my energy and health that’s been very effective. Thanks Kerry for being part of my wellness’ ‘You’ve encouraged me on a healing path that continues to better me through the use of natural remedies’ ~ Yvonne Betteridge 

I have hugely benefited in recent years from a couple of really good yoga teachers and Kerry is one of them. Kerry is knowledgeable, warm and patient. Her classes are great fun and I always come away much better for the experience. A great teacher to have had ~David Tierney

One thing you can guarantee when you have an appointment with Kerry, nothing will be left to a hit and miss treatment. She will quiz you, analyse your responses and provide you with the best treatment through her many years of experience. I have been to most of Kerry's workshops and her easy laid-back style of presenting of her incredible knowledge, made it very informative and rewarding in my health journey. The caring and empathetic nature she exudes is a credit to her. ~`Hans Schwedler

Kerry of Natures Connection has a wealth of information to share as she passionately guides you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle. I have made some fantastic improvements in my daily life thanks to Kerry and I'm eternally grateful .. I highly recommend Kerry's services ~ Andrew Heap 

Kerry has beautiful instincts and connects with you and your knowledge. By far the most supportive and caring practitioner we have been to for gut health. She has a wealth of knowledge and has lived through her own journey that allows her to truly understand xx ~ Missy Wickert

Thank you Kerry for hosting the digestive wellness/ gut health workshop on the weekend. I took so much valuable information away with me to help my family, I left feeling really empowered. I can tell you've invested your whole heart into what you do, it's really admirable. Look forward to speaking with you again really soon 😊🙏 ~ Janelle

I first met Kerry a few years ago, I was in desperate need of help. I developed fibromyalgia in 2009 & had visited doctors, a rheumatologist & an immunologist, they put me on different drugs. Which did nothing for my pain, but had nasty side effects. I was left on my own to figure it out, I turned to natural remedies. I saw a few different naturopaths & iridologists, who all came to the same conclusions, but still no big improvements. I was in tremendous pain and didn't know what else to try, I then met Kerry, who instantly acknowledged what I was going through, even just that, meant so much to me. She genuinely wanted to help me. On my first visit, I knew she could help and she has. Her passion for helping people is sincere and heartfelt, she gets you the results you need to have better health, that is her top priority. Kerry's knowledge and care has gotten me on track with my health, I am now able to manage my pain, I am so grateful. I have also taken my kids, with great results. I have recommended Kerry to my friends and would to all of you, you won't meet someone more passionate or in-tune with what they do and wanting to help people. ~ Rebekah Damico 

Kerry is a beautiful, warm, inviting person. She made me feel very comfortable and able to discuss all my health concerns freely. Kerry amazed me with her skills and was extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone. ~ Charlotte 

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