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About Me

Kerry Caudwell Herbalist Nutritionist


Digestive wellness

BioChemical/Genetic conditions

Children's Health

Fertility (Male and Female) 

Adrenal fatigue/Stress



Eating disorders 

Herbalist Nutritionist Traditional practitioner
naturopath herbalist nutritionist

I returned home, after another 7month stint out in the red centre, this time as manager and running the clinic at a GoVita Store, only to realise I needed TO SLOW DOWN in all aspects of life !!! Managing other staff was definitely not something I wanted to pursue, although this experience has awakened me into 'what i really want and also the growth has been, as always 'life changing. 

I have recently completed a Diploma as a MindBody practitioner and holistic life coach. The past year I have been studying BreathWork and deepening my skills with meditation. New offerings unfolding as we speak. 


Prior to this it was 22months living in the Outback of Australia ~ the Red Centre. I was drawn to relocate from NSW to the NT to run a Naturopathic Clinic in Alice Springs. This experience broadened my clinical practice, established a greater understanding of diversity, improved my skill sets in different areas of specialities, overall increased my clinical practice and professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed working and supporting the community of Alice Springs. I explored so much of the vastness of this amazing country, I made friends and created a home and a life there. 


I grew up in the outskirts of rural Sydney, my childhood was barefoot and free. Eating from local growers in a small town, I spent most of my time in the bush, surrounded by animals and nature. My first and fondest memories were exploring the land, observing wildlife and the environment around me. I spent most of my time outside and grew to love and appreciate a natural way of living; clean air, fresh water, sunshine, activity, wholesome food, family and friends.

I began with a Health Science Associate Diploma. I had a successful personal training and massage practice. Then I birthed my son, everything all of a sudden mattered. What I put on and into his body, the water he was to drink and the foods he was to eat. So as a single mum, deep seated passion and drive to empower and educate myself I got a degree in Herbal Medicine and diploma of Nutrition, I have now been working in the health industry for 26years.

My study included 10years in total, my learning continues everyday, I have had many experiences and believe that this makes me a practitioner that not only comes with knowledge and passion, but also life awareness. I provide holistic client-centered health care. At the core of my practice, I identify and treat underlying causes of poor-health to achieve sustainable health outcomes. I use evidence-based nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle therapy, whilst incorporating health education to empower my clients to make informed decisions about their health and well-being journey. 


My motto of EAT.LIVE.LOVE.MOVE. As nature intended is about reaching your optimal natural state of being. We have gone so far from our natural way of living and I want to help you achieve the best version of yourself by going back to how we were meant to eat, live, love and move. So that you can go from just surviving too thriving, to wake with vitality, to live in a balanced body, a system that works as nature intended it to work. So with this in thought I came up with Natures Connection, a place to learn/educate, a place to heal, a place that provides the essentials for a healthy lifestyle. I believe we are missing the connection with each other and ourselves. 

The services I provide are personal, confidential and always supportive, I look at the body as a whole, rather than a single dis-ease state. Other than clinic, I run informative workshops, which integrate nutrition, lifestyle and environmental issues. 

Thank-you for trusting me with your most important asset,



Kerry Caudwell 

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