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My childhood was spent on the outskirts of rural Sydney, enjoying outdoor living and outback exploring. Most of my childhood was barefoot and free. Eating from local growers in a small village, I spent most of my time in the bush, surrounded by animals and nature. My first and fondest memories were exploring the world, observing wildlife and the environment around me. I spent most of my time outside and grew to love and appreciate a natural way of living; clean air, fresh water, sunshine, activity, wholesome food, family and friends.

I began with a Health Science/Massage Diploma I knew that a corporate, desk or mainstream job was not for me. I had a successful personal training and massage practice. Then I gave birth to my son, within my arms was this wonderful creation of life. I wanted to give him the best of everything, everything all of a sudden mattered. What I put on and into his body, the water he was to drink, the chemicals, toxins and stressors concerned me, things had to change. So as a single mum, deep seated passion and drive to empower and educate myself I got a degree in Herbal Medicine and diploma of Nutrition at Nature care College, I have now been working in the health industry for over 20years.

The underlying fundamentals to good health, I now strongly believe is good nutrition, on a cellular level we are made up of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats. We are what we eat, more-so what we absorb. To me herbal medicine is the original, the traditional medicine and plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before recorded history. Living as close to nature, ancient wisdom and experience has now shown me, that this is the way and makes sense. As a young adult I struggled with eating disorders and anxiety, I had drifted away from my earlier carefree years. My solution was to look back towards NATURE and nothing in nature takes more than it needs. My diet has been clean, ethical and sustainable and the past 15years it has been organic, plant-based and wholesome; supplementing with superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and herbs when needed. My study included 8years in total, my learning continues everyday, I have had many experiences and believe that this makes me a practitioner that not only comes with knowledge and passion but also life experience.


My motto of EAT.LIVE.LOVE.MOVE. As nature intended is about reaching your optimal natural state of being. We have gone so far from our natural way of living and I want to help you achieve the best version of yourself by going back to how we were meant to eat, live, love and move. So that you can go from just surviving to thriving, to wake with vitality, to live in a balanced body, a system that works as nature intended it to work. So with this in thought I came up with Natures Connection, a place to learn/educate, a place to heal, a place that provides the essentials for a healthy lifestyle. I believe we are missing the connection with each other and our natural way.

The services I provide are personal, confidential and always supportive, I look at the body as a whole, rather than a single dis-ease state. Other than clinic, I run informative workshops, which integrate nutrition, lifestyle and environmental issues. I care and want to help you to achieve the best version of YOU. Help you return to nature.

Thank-you for trusting me with your most important asset, 'your health ~ Kerry