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Natures Cleansing; This fresh garden herb smudge stick contains; White Sage, Yarrow, Rosemary, Green Sage & Mint (all sourced from my own gardens), wrapped in Jute Twine a natural-non-toxic material.


Smudging is a practice & a meaningful ritual to clear the home, people & space of unwanted energies. It is useful to use a mantra whilst you smudge, you can make up your own or use this one: "Cleanse this space of negative energy, thoughts & intentions. If there are energies here not of the light, you are not welcome, be gone & do not return. Surround this space & everyone in it with positive energy & white light".


Why choose these herbs?

  • White Sage is an herb held sacred by Native Americans for hundreds of years. Used in rituals & ceremonies for centuries, white sage is often burned to create its intended effects. White sage has great properties for removing negativity, cleansing, protection & is perhaps the most highly regarded sacred herb to use for smudging. The smoke of this magical plant will cleanse your space of negative vibrations & powerfully uplift any low energies.
  • Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) eliminates toxins from the body an aromatic herb used in smudge sticks & it intensifies the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it. Yarrow helps eliminate toxins from the body during the smudging process.
  • Rosemary is for protection, cleansing & mostly for the divine smell.
  • Green Sage is also great for cleansing & very aromatic, making it a wonderful herb to add to my garden smudge stick.
  • Mint is also for the cleansing action & the divine smell. I use a variety of different mints & which ever one is added it will bring about a beautiful smell & add to the cleansing ability.


This smudge stick may help to clear & cleanse negative energy, offering you protection in your home or around you, great for new beginnings & setting intentions. Always carry out safety, carry something under the lit smoking end, to catch falling embers. Also useful when the ritual has been carried out to put the embers out in (sand or water is ideal), then its ready for next time.


According to countless ancient ways of knowing, all plants possess a sacred spirit … a spirit that goes well beyond, and vibrates deeper, than its physical constituents. Smudging is not a new idea … nor is it new-age, super hipster, alternative or mumbo-jumbo. It is rather, a collection of methods humanity has used for millennia in order to maintain connection to the Earth — and to the spirit world as well.


This listing is for 1 smudge stick, approx 35-40cm long, tied off in sections to make ease for burning. EnJOY.

Cleansing SmudgeStick

SKU: Smudge1
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