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Natures Dreaming; may help promote lucid and colorful dreaming. This fresh garden smudge stick contains mugwort, lavender and rose petals (from my garden). Why choose these herbs;


  • Mugwort; “dream weed”, is renowned as a smudging herb for its subtle sweet scent and dream-inducing qualities. With a long history of use in the Pagan tradition, still used today in modern-day rituals for smudging or journey work.
  • Lavender; has a calming effect on the nervous system, bringing a clean positive energy and opening the heart chakra. Magically it can be used for protection and also for love.
  • Rose Petals; have been used as an ingredient in love spells since ancient times, the petals of this enchanting flower are known to be potent bringers of good fortune, happiness and luck in love. Once you’ve experienced rose’s magic, you’ll understand why it plays such an integral role in LOVE magic, all around the world.


Smudging is a sacred practice that our elders have incorporated into ritual work for centuries. They believed that burning herbs and flowers would purify and consecrate their sacred space, drawing in positive spirits and discourage the presence of any unwarranted negative energy.


Looking to cleanse and purify your space with the power of botanicals? Look no further than 'Natures Dreaming SmudgeStick! This carefully crafted smudge contains a blend of mugwort, lavender, and rose petals. Each stick is handcrafted with love and intention, ensuring the highest quality and potency. Use this powerful tool to neutralize negative energy, promote clarity, and invite positivity into your home or sacred space. Embrace the ancient wisdom of herbal crafting with Natures Dreaming SmudgeStick!


According to countless ancient ways of knowing, all plants possess a sacred spirit … a spirit that goes well beyond, vibrates deeper, than its physical constituents. Smudging is not a new idea … nor is it new-age, super hipster, alternative or mumbo-jumbo. It is rather, a collection of methods humanity has used for millennia in order to maintain connection to the Earth — and to the spirit world as well.


Safety, use something under the lit smoking end to catch falling embers. When the ritual has been carried out, put the embers out (sand or water is ideal).


This listing is for 1 smudge stick, approx 25-30cm long & tied off with non-toxic blue cotton strong. EnJOY. 

Natures Dreaming SmudgeStick

SKU: Smudge2
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