This organic tea blend is 'Natures Sleep, a blend that calms, relaxes the body, mind & spirit. Containing herbs of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Rosemary & more. These 3 herbs in particular have been used traditionally to alleviate irritability, restlessness & anxiety. Especially when the stress, insomnia or anxiety affects the digestive system, these herbs will also calm the tummy & give you a restful sleep.


Lemon Balm contains the active compound "rosmarinic acid" - an enzyme which effectively increases GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid) in the brain. GABA is one of the inhibitory neurotransmitters, used by the brain to prevent over-excitement & attain balance. It is responsible for ensuring that we are not overly stressed, playing a role in our sleep cycles. Increasing stimulation of GABA receptors will produce a sedative or calming effect & explains why Lemon Balm works well as an anti-anxiety herb.


Fun Info: John Evelyn (1620-1706) neatly summarized lemon balm's long tradition as a tonic remedy which raises the spirits and comforts the heart.


This listing is for 1x100gms of organic loose leaf tea blend. 

Sleep~'Organic Herbal Tea

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