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Holistic Health-Care

I am a holistic practitioner! Anyone who has seen me as a client or attended one of my workshops, knows my values and ethics. After many years in practice, I believe we can ALL work together, towards a more balanced health-care system. Holistic “characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”.

I have been wanting to write this article for a while, just couldn’t find the time, until now. To be truthful I need to make it clear that to create a more beneficial healthcare for you and for me, I believe rather than getting angry, frustrated and abusive towards mainstream medicine. I believe we need to see it for what it is!! And work together.

Holistic meaning the parts of what creates the human being that you are, is more than the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, for it is the whole energy of you. I understand the frustration towards big pharma, doctors and hospitals, the manipulation, corruption and greed that line the pockets of the hierarchy … But fighting it doesn’t work, it will only change if we see it for what it is?!

I couldn’t be a holistic practitioner and then wage a war on orthodox medicine, this ONLY creates separation and more animosity. In fact, I have worked with some amazing doctors, I appreciate their knowledge and expertise, I have seen the scientists in the labs achieve amazing results, I have seen pharmaceuticals help the subject through a time when traditional medicine was NOT the answer. My baby was delivered by caesarean section, in the past he or I would have died at birth. I know there are some really incompetent and uncaring people, both in traditional and orthodox healthcare, in fact thats just the nature of humans full stop. And I will now give you an example of when my feelings changed towards what a holistic practitioner means to me, 6 years ago I was in my deepest and saddest time of my life, everyday became a struggle.

The depression was triggered by a huge loss in my life and major grief!! Insomnia set in, I don’t think I slept for 2 weeks, I was a mess. I saw an integrative doctor who set up a plan, 'team Kerry as they called it, a psychologist, a doctor and a naturopath. But the biggest realization was when she recommended a sleeping aid, yes a pharmaceutical. Of course in the moment behind my tears, exhaustion and the thought of going to sleep and never waking up again, I said no way. She said why? I said because of my liver, the possible addiction and effects it may have on my body, mind, emotion and energy!! She simply replied, let’s get some perspective, you are thinking about ending your life and now you are saying it may harm you? Come on Kerry, you are way smarter than that.

You know what? I used that drug wisely, it didn’t heal me, but it sure helped beyond measure. All I am saying is there is a time and place, don’t shut your mind off or judge another. What kind of uncaring, unprofessional practitioner would I be, if I was judging my clients on their nutritional lifestyle choices.

I welcome it all, I am NOT afraid of orthodox medicine, pharmaceuticals, doctors or any other healthcare practitioners!! I feel that by creating good energy and supporting one another, my desired outcome will be achieved, which is, HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE for YOU and YOUR family!! Where we can all work towards the same goal!! The objective being; YOU! A better Healthcare System!! A better treatment plan for all.

Yes, it’s a shame that seeing your traditional practitioner is not bulk billed, that your herbal decoction and supplements are not covered by the PBS (pharmaceutical benefits scheme). I understand the frustration that seeing me, means you will have out of pocket expenses. I wish for it all to be equal. Our traditional medicine, was here long before new aged drugs and Medicare. In fact, it has existed as long as animals have walked this earth. We have treated each other using plants as medicine, using mother earth as our healer. But times have changed, we have evolved, and my dream is for one-day evolving enough to see that we can ALL work together and towards the same goal, that there is a time and place for the new and the old.

That we as individuals can take back what’s rightfully ours, body sovereignty. Whether we see a doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, acupuncturist, chiro, a hospital, take a drug or herb and we will be covered in the same way. Yes, it’s true pharmaceuticals don’t often come with a cure, a Band-Aid so to speak, but that band-aid may just well save a life. Herbal Medicine and Nutrition should ALWAYS be our first point of call, with preventative healthcare being the future of medicine. More doctors are becoming integrative trained, people are expanding their vision, their outlook, their perspective, with more people turning to traditional medicine every year. We need to be professional, achieve good health, do no harm, treat the individual as a whole, and create good energy for the best interest and outcome of our client.

It’s time for personal empowerment, taking your health into your hands! Stop blaming everyone else, we all have a choice to see it in whichever way we choose. Trust me I know the other-side, the fear, the control, the manipulation to go down medical routes. I have been labeled ‘hocus pocus, Quakery and ineffective. This makes me smile, to think that they are threatened by little me, then this gives me more fuel to creating a better healthcare paradigm. Yes, I do understand the out of pocket expenses when Medicare isn’t there to help, but, money is just an energy and you are worth it. You think it’s cheaper getting sicker and going through the system? Specialists and doctors are not always bulk-billed. Getting sick is VERY expensive regardless whether you use mainstream or traditional medicine.

The answer lies with PREVENTION. The key lies within CONNECTION. The truth lies within HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE, where we ALL work together.

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